Up For the Challenge

Finding ways to effectively reach customers online while providing them with useful information is a challenging task. But that didn’t stop Megan Palkert, Visual Designer and Social Media Expert at SICK, from spearheading the new SICK USA Blog.

Her drive to create a meaningful, resourceful tool for customers turned an idea into a reality.

“I wanted to develop a blog to help break down the content on our website into easily digestible and quality bits of pieces as well as to give readers an idea of who SICK is,” commented Megan. “I want them to see the faces behind SICK and understand there are actual people behind each of the products we make.”

While Megan is the leading force behind the blog, it has developed into a group effort with the entire Marketing Communications team at SICK.

“This blog has been made possible due to the hard work of a variety of people,” replied Megan. “There has not only been a strong effort put forth by our internal marketing department, but also the product managers, internal sales, customer service and other departments.”

Providing Resources for Readers

While the corporate website (www.sickusa.com) provides technical product information, the blog is designed to highlight application success stories, offer a sneak peek inside SICK, and provide advice and useful tips to customers.

In addition to highlighting customer success stories and white papers, the blog also uses videos and infographics to relay information.

A Discussion, Not a Lecture

“We really encourage readers to comment about different blog posts by sharing their opinions and questions and responding to what others are saying.” The blog is designed to offer more than just a few links and tidbits of information. It is really a way to engage readers and spark conversations.

“We really encourage readers to comment about different blog posts by sharing their opinions and questions and responding to what others are saying, “ replied Megan. “We’re also encouraging readers to get in touch with us via the Contact page — whether for a blog topic idea or a specific product question.”

If readers enjoy a post, they should also consider sharing the post via social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. The social media icons on each page make it easy to share posts with just a few clicks.

The Artistic Side

Megan’s interest in creating a blog littered with eye-popping graphics isn’t surprising considering her artistic background. Outside of SICK, Megan fulfills her passion for painting and fine arts visiting galleries, museums and art fairs.

MGartsPrior to joining SICK, Megan was a curator at the Maple Grove Arts Center, a local art gallery and studio in Maple Grove, Minn. and was co-founder of a non-profit event called The Fused Muse in Chicago. Fused-Muse
“The idea for The Fused Muse came from Dugnads, which is a Norwegian tradition where the local community come together and work collectively,” shared Megan. “Using this as our inspiration, we organized events that brought local artists and musicians together to showcase their work and hosted collaborate art projects that welcomed people to get involved.”

More of Megan’s artistic talents are sure to appear throughout the blog…so keep your eyes peeled!

And, if you’d like to connect with Megan, feel free to get in touch with her via LinkedIn.