SICK has been recognized as a Great Place to Work (GPTW) in the US and Canada… and here's the details

Working for a company that has a great culture is something everybody wants, but the key is knowing how to accomplish it. Creating and fostering a positive culture that makes people excited to come to work every day takes hard work and effort. SICK North America has made this a constant priority, and our efforts are being recognized.

SICK is now Great Place to Work-Certified™ for the sixth year in a row in the United States and the fourth year in a row in Canada. Great Place to Work is the global authority on workplace culture, employee experience, and the leadership behaviors proven to deliver market-leading revenue and increased innovation. Only a small percentage of companies that take the company-wide Trust Index survey can receive certification.

On top of receiving the GPTW Certification for many years in a row, SICK also received the 2023 Company of the Year Award for Best in Class in the Global Industrial Sensor Solutions Industry for the second year in a row.

“Working at SICK, I am surrounded by people who truly have passion for what they do. They go out of their way to help solve customer problems. People are willing to take the time to knowledge share to help develop deeper competencies within the company,” said Sarah Starsiak, Market Product Manager – Industrial Safety.

What is the GPTW Certification?

A GPTW Certification recognizes companies who foster an outstanding employee experience. To become certified, there is a two-step process that includes surveying employees and completing a brief questionnaire about the company. What is unique about GPTW is that employee feedback and independent analysis determine the scores.

The company must survey their employees and select a two-week period to launch the Trust Index™, a research-backed employee experience survey. Answers vary on a 5-point scale, with the lowest being almost always untrue and highest being almost always true.

“At other companies, there wasn't as much focus on nurturing and training employees to gain more expertise, which resulted in a high turnover rate. At SICK, we build a community of experience that our customers really value, and they are happy to hear from us,” said Bryan Sellars, Industry Marketing Manager at SICK.

84% of employees at SICK  say this is a great place to work, compared to 57% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company. When asked about why people work here, the biggest answers were the benefits, good culture, the people, and the work-life balance.


Benefits of Certification

Certification helps job seekers better identify what companies genuinely offer a great company culture because results come from the employees directly. It can also help give companies a recruiting advantage by providing a globally recognized and research-based verification of a great employee experience.

“SICK does not view collaborating with customers and solving applications as a transactional relationship.  Our company is interested in deeply understanding root causes of our customers problems and working towards solving those challenges together,” said Cullen Pochucha, Alpha National Account Manager.

Creating and fostering a positive work environment is extremely important at SICK. SICK has been honored to receive the GPTW award for the sixth year alongside receiving the Best Company Award two years in a row for Frost & Sullivan and Fortune. With initiative focused on helping employees, customers, and the community thrive and feel valued, SICK works to make a difference in the world – and hopes to receive this certification for years to come.