After a busy day, sometimes the easiest meal to prepare for yourself or your family is a frozen one. And, for many, one of those frozen dishes may be a side of crispy french fries.

Lutosa, a Belgian company, is one of the largest producers of frozen french fries in the world. As a result, their production facilities need to keep up with consumer demands. However, ensuring high throughput rates while maintaining plant safety can be a challenge.

That's where SICK comes in.

SICK Safety Systems…with a Side of French Fries

Lutosa was experiencing increased downtime with their current safety system. Whenever an operator needed to intervene in an area – to insert a new roll of packaging film, for example – the entire roller conveyor was stopped.SICK-Safety-light-curtains

To improve productivity, SICK installed a safety system consisting of the following:

With the modular design of the Flexi Soft, areas of the entire facility could be divided into work and safety areas. This made it possible for operators to enter a specific area and allow only the corresponding area to shut down, enabling the rest of the machine to operate without interruptions.


SICK's years of experience and flexible, user-friendly solutions helped provide a cost-effective solution that improved plant productivity.