IMG951712If a customer has a question, Jason Giroux has the answer (and he can explain it in an understandable way)!  As a Technical Support Engineer for SICK products (including barcode scanners and Package Analytics software) in logistics automation applications, Jason is part of the first line of support that works with customers to answer their questions and troubleshoot any issues.

Based in Stoughton, Massachusetts, Jason primarily works with customers over the phone, communicating by email, and in some cases, connecting remotely.

Because Jason is not on-site with the customer, he does not have direct eyes on their software and hardware configurations. He also works with customers who have varying levels of knowledge of SICK’s products.  Together, these factors can be a challenge, but Jason is always prepared to handle the variety of customer concerns and skill levels that he encounters on a daily basis.

Jason’s approach is simple: he takes a step back and thinks about the issue from as basic a level as possible.  For example, instead of telling a customer to “press start,” Jason makes sure to tell them where “start” is.

As he continues the conversation, he quickly reaches an understanding of what the customer is comfortable with and what needs to be explained more fully.  By using this approach to adapt to each customer, Jason is able to help solve their concerns as efficiently as possible or quickly escalate their question to the appropriate team if the concern can’t be solved remotely.

Jason credits his background in IT support for his ability to effectively handle customer concerns, and he enjoys helping people use technology successfully to accomplish their goals.

20150307_092144In his free time, Jason enjoys being active and spending time outdoors, from snowboarding and skiing in the winter to playing rugby in the spring, summer, and fall.  He plays rugby on a Men’s Club Level team in his current home town of Providence, Rhode Island, and he is a former rugby coach for high school and college level teams.

In addition, Jason enjoys doing little projects around the house, hiking, and hanging out with his two dogs: an Australian Shepherd mix and a Cane Corso.