FullSizeRenderSinath Nhep is the Line Lead for the ZoneControl, W15, and H18 SureSense photoelectric sensor production lines at SICK’s Eagle Creek Facility in Savage, Minnesota. In her role, Sinath is responsible for getting manufacturing instructions from SICK’s engineers and making sure that her team follows those instructions. Going on 16 years with SICK, Sinath keeps the production lines running by ensuring that each of her lines has all the materials, personnel, and special instructions needed to make each model of sensor.

When there is a new product to assemble or a new addition to her team, Sinath is also involved in training, since each sensor is assembled differently and needs to be done right before the finished product can be delivered to a customer. One thing that makes Sinath’s lines run smoothly is making sure each member of her team knows every step of the process, so anyone can fill in where needed. This ensures that the sensors are assembled and delivered to customers in a timely manner.

IMG953422Sinath is proud of her work at SICK, and being part of the team that actually makes the products. In terms of leading her team, Sinath tries to be a role model for them and encourages teamwork. They all get along, she says, which definitely helps keep the lines moving problem-free!

When she isn’t leading her team at SICK, Sinath enjoys cooking for her family. She’ll cook any food, she says, but she especially loves cooking Cambodian food.


IMG_4314It reminds her of her home country of Cambodia, where she spent much of her childhood in the countryside on rice plants, which she recently visited. She also lived in Russia and the Ukraine for college before ending up in the United States in 1998.

In her spare time, Sinath also enjoys gardening, traveling, and spending time with her husband and daughter.