With robotics automation, an efficient, cost-effective, and accurate production line is possible.

Robot guidance systems help eliminate expensive and labor-intensive processes, allowing workers to perform tasks of greater value. See how you can derack with robotics.

One of these systems is SICK's PLR, a vision-based robot guidance system. It provides a more effective way to shorten part-picking cycle time directly from racks. With a vision-based system, you can decrease labor costs and cycle times, while increasing the flexibility of your manufacturing processes and eliminating precision racks.

The PLR is a factory-calibrated system with pre-loaded software so it is ready to use out of the box. Simply install the device, connect it to the robot controller, load an existing configuration or create a new one in a few minutes, and PLR is up and running.

It is best at helping to overcome challenges around handling large, bulky stamped sheet metal parts. The parts that are to be manipulated or transported might move or shift during transport or the racks themselves can be damaged. As a result, the PLR is able to overcome these challenges and keep your production running smoothly.

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