It’s almost time to ring in the New Year, but first we wanted to take a look back at 2019!

Here's a quick recap of nine manufacturing industry reads from the SICK blog in 2019.

Top Applications of Safety Light Curtains

Opto-electric protective devices like safety light curtains are used daily to protect personnel from automated machinery. With all the device’s capabilities, it can be used in a number of industries, including end-of-line packaging, OEM machine builders, automotive body/assembly, integrators, and powertrain manufacturing, and tire manufacturing.

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Emission Control with MARSIC

In the New Year, the Sulphur Cap 2020 regulations will go into effect, impacting the future of emission control. As a result, the maritime industry is need of a solution to reduce emissions. SICK’s MARSIC provides reliable and accurate emissions monitoring that can keep you in line with the 2020 regulations.

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Palletizing and Depalletizing Methods

Efficiently moving goods from one location to another often requires the use of pallets. But not everyone agrees on the best way to palletize. SICK’s Visionary-T 3D camera provides a 3D snapshot of a pallet to make palletizing and depalletizing simple.

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AGVs Go Outdoors

Automated robot solutions can now go outdoors thanks to the first-ever outdoor certified safety laser scanner from SICK. The outdoorScan3 allows manufacturers to connect multiple production sites with the ability to safely transport goods between sites.

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localizationLiDAR Alignment Methods for Robotics Navigation

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) require accuracy to help the vehicles navigate to exact locations and perform tasks. Traditional sensor alignment methods couldn’t always live up to the level of accuracy needed. That is, until SICK developed an alignment aid to help with properly aligning sensors for precise navigation.

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Typical AGV scanner mounting and integrationHow to Setup Safety Laser Scanners

With the vast number of safety laser scanners available on the market, there are many factors when designing a solution using scanners. Because of this, there are some common mistakes made when setting up safety laser scanners that can be easily solved.

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Robotic arm works on assembling partsCobots with SICK Safety in the Automotive Industry

Collaborative robots are being implemented in many industries. In the automotive industry, cobots can accommodate the increase in vehicle models and variants and the shorter product lifecycles. One of the world’s leading automotive industry suppliers, Continental, is using SICK safety on their cobot applications to take a more dynamic approach to production.

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SICK in Silicon Valley

Early in 2019, SICK expanded to the San Francisco Bay Area with our new office in Fremont, California. With this new facility, SICK can provide a better customer experience for the West Coast, including having Customer Care Representatives available during standard West Coast office hours.

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Error Proof Your Packaging Process

As packaging becomes more and more complex, food and beverage manufacturers deal with challenges around errors in the coding and packaging of products. To eliminate these errors, SICK sensors and AutoCoding Systems software solution can ensure the integrity of products and remove errors in the process.

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