rfu610 car partsRFID has become synonymous with most track and trace systems used in manufacturing today. The technology can be used to track baggage at the airport, vehicles on tollways, or even car parts in automotive production. However, as the technology currently stands, there are some limitations.

In automotive production, RFID has been primarily used to detect tags on large parts, like car bodies. But what about smaller parts that go into auto production? Large RFID readers are challenging to fit in such tight spaces and are often not needed to detect such small objects. This is where SICK’s RFU61x for small parts RFID scanner can help.

The RFU61x is the smallest RFID reader of its kind on the market. It requires minimal installation space, but still maintains a high standard in scanning range, reliability, and connectivity. As a more flexible solution to the detection of small parts in automotive production, the RFU610 for small parts RFID systems can add significant value to your production process.

Read this Application Note to learn how you get add more flexibility to your processes with the adjustable reading range of the RFU61x.