A Man Who Wears Many Hats

tom weatherbyBack in high school, Tom Weatherby worked part time repairing SICK’s scanners.  As a teenager, he was excited to get out of school for part of the day and earn money.  But it didn’t end there! He continued through college, and he recently celebrated his 25-year anniversary as a full-time SICK employee.  He says, “This is the only company I’ve ever worked for!”

During his years with SICK, Tom has worn many hats—from manufacturing, product repair, and calibration to field service and tech support.  He has also held several different management positions, including his current job as the Director of Project Management.

Tom calls his varied experience and history with SICK a huge advantage.  His involvement in so many different sides of the logistics and process automation business gives him unique insight into customers’ needs.

Working with Customers with Openness and Honesty

weatherby 3In his current role, Tom works more “behind the scenes,” stepping in to help his team of project managers if problems come up for customers.  What Tom loves most about his job is the variety.  Every day there are different problems and challenges to solve.

“My phone is always on,” he says, “and customers know that.”  Tom’s approach to interacting with customers is simple: be open and honest.  “Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not,” he says, “if you promise something to a customer, you follow through in a timely manner.”   He also makes it a habit to follow up with customers and make sure their needs were met.

Embracing the Outdoors

weatherby 1

When he’s not on the phone working through a customer’s applications, Tom can be found power boating, usually on the ocean with his family.   He enjoys anything related to boating, including fishing, tubing, and water skiing.  After boating, second and third on his list of hobbies are golfing and snow skiing.  In addition, Tom enjoys taking family trips with his wife and 2 kids.