SICK Canada is making a difference on sapling at a time with SICK CARE Day 2024

Every year, our Canadian colleagues celebrate SICK CARE Day. This year, they teamed up with Ontario Streams to plant 300 trees, helping to restore stream, river, and wetland habitats within Ontario.

What is SICK CARE Day?

SICK CARE (Cooperative Action Reaches Everyone) fosters employee and community engagement through charitable activities, community service, and environmental projects.

This initiative is part of our SICK CARE program, which started in 2015 as SICK Canada's community giving days and has now grown into a company-wide initiative across SICK North America.

While SICK CARES may vary from office to office, the underlying goal remains simple: to foster employee and community engagement that aligns with our SICK values. It's all about bonding together and making a meaningful impact.


As the world grapples with climate change and environmental degradation, SICK has taken proactive steps to make a positive impact. One powerful way to contribute is through tree planting. Not only does this practice help combat climate change, but it also supports biodiversity and provides essential ecosystem services.

The Canadian offices united on June 5, 2024 to participate in tree planting alongside Ontario Streams, an environmental registered charity dedicated to conserving and rehabilitating stream, river, and wetland habitats within Ontario and the traditional territories of many First Nations people. By actively restoring our planet, the team plays a crucial role in building a better future.

Over the years the Canadian offices have supported charities such as Million Dollar SmilesHabitat for Humanity and Daily Food Banks across Canada. 

As SICK celebrates 15 years in Canada, through these initiatives the SICK team continues to be a game changer, contributing to healthier communities, cleaner air, and a more sustainable future.

So, the next time you think of planting trees, remember that you are making a difference—one sapling at a time!