Comtrol Corporation, a long-standing business partner with SICK, has a number of applications for the LMS series and LD-LRS 2D laser scanners from SICK.

Over the past 5 years, Comtrol has worked with integration partners to get the LMS certified to be used as an intrusion detection sensor for protecting nuclear power plants in North America. They also use the LMS for creating an IR barrier around newly built restaurants within the concourses at major airports in the USA.

The LMS5xx has been deployed in both indoor and outdoor applications, and has withstood a battery of tests designed to fool or get past the sensors field of view without being detected. To date, when configured properly, the LMS has proven to be 100% accurate and has not been fooled.

Perimeter Protection at Nuclear Sites

The LMS is used outdoors for perimeter protection at nuclear power plants.

“In harsh weather at one nuclear site in the Northeast, the LMS was the only sensor that did not fail or go into an alarm state during a heavy snowfall,” says Mark Pikkarainen, Comtrol’s General Manager for Security Products. This is due to proper installation and configuration along with the laser scanners multi echo technology and filtering capabilities for inclement weather.

Object Protection at Restaurants in Airports

Another unique application for the LMS is for creating an IR barrier around newly built restaurants within the concourses at major airports in the USA to keep theft at a minimum. The LMS1xx is literally used as an after business hour replacement for metal gates or doors, which are very costly and aesthetically unappealing.

“There were a few problems at the beginning with false alarms in the early morning hours, however, once it was determined to be a mouse, the scanned area was easily adjusted to stop a few inches above the floor and there were no more false alarms.”

IP cameras are currently being deployed along with the LMS to capture any breech as well provide evidence in case a theft occurs.

“The LMS is a very powerful, accurate, and affordable sensor that is well suited to be used as a standalone device for both indoor and outdoor applications, or as a complimentary sensor to provide added layers of protection for our Nation’s Critical Infrastructure.”