Field Service at its Best

Photo of Steve HendersonWhen customers need a SICK solution installed, Steven Henderson is just the guy for the job.

As a field service technician/engineer and supervisor with over 26 years of experience, Steve evaluates, installs and provides training for various logistics applications. His vast knowledge of SICK’s automatic identification solutions, including barcode scanners and dimensioning systems, has helped improve read rates at big name logistics accounts throughout the country.

Throughout his 15 years with SICK, Steve has noticed a trend with the customers he meets: an appreciation for SICK’s service. Steve’s ability to overcome any application challenges to meet customer needs has led to his success over the years.

“We help guide customers toward the right product,” says Steve. “We’re straight shooters.”

As a result of that commitment and honesty, customers have learned to value the integrity and high quality service provided by SICK. According to Steve, repeat customers often place a greater importance on the service they receive from SICK rather than the price of the product or installation.

Then…and Now

Customer loyalty isn’t the only thing Steve has noticed throughout his tenure, however. He’s also witnessed several technological changes throughout the years.

“When I first started as a field service technician, solutions used helium-neon gas lasers that lasted 1.5 years,” remembered Steve. “Today, the laser diodes that are used can last 15 years or more.”

These advances have helped companies save money and improve throughput. Labels used today are often half the size of previous ones, which improves scan rate efficiency.

Steve, who also supervisors four other technicians, begins each job by doing an initial site survey. Since another field service technician may do the actual installation, Steve writes down everything required to complete the installation and determines how long the installation will take — typically from one to four days.

While most jobs are carried out throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico, Steve occasionally travels to Central and South America, and has traveled as far as Japan, Taiwan, and numerous countries in Europe with the LaserData Group, of whom SICK acquired.

Fortunately, he’s no stranger to traveling.

A Military Man in the Making

Steve, who is a self-described military brat, grew up in Texas. Throughout his upbringing he also lived in Colorado, Minnesota, Arkansas and the Philippines.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Steve went into the Navy in 1973 where he acquired various technical skills working on nuclear weapons and also served as a diver during his six years of service on the USS Woodrow Wilson, a ballistic missile submarine. After three years in the Air Reserve in Michigan, where he now lives, he began his career as a field technician in 1988.

Steve_66'-MustangToday, Steve is an active Mason, which is a fraternal organization that promotes brotherly love, relief and truth. He is also an antique car aficionado. With a ’66 mustang, a Thunderbird and his grandpa's pick-up truck, Steve attends different shows, including the Woodward Cruise in Ferndale, Mich., which draws nearly 1.5 million spectators from around the world who are eager to glimpse the nearly 40,000 classic cars showcased.

Steve has a passion for cars and helping others. The next time you receive a package, you might want to think of him. His efforts helped ensure your package made it through the logistics center and into your home.