deTec4 guarantees safety on all levels

Safety light curtains are a reliable and cost-effective method to protect against access to hazardous points and areas that can be used in a variety of different industries, including consumer goods, automotive and part supplier, food and beverage, and packaging industries. They range from small and compact types to extremely rugged and resistant variants that withstand special ambient conditions up to the highest safety level. Aligning SICK's deTec safety light curtain is simple – use the following steps.

Step 1:  Using a tape measure, mount the sender and receiver at the same height from the reference plane. Step 2:  Using a level, adjust mounting hardware to ensure both light curtains are straight. Step 3:  If using a deTec with the integrated laser alignment aid, turn the laser on and rotate the sender until the laser hits the bottom row of blue alignment LEDs of the receiver. Step 4:  Rotate the receiver until the Top and Bottom rows of Blue LEDs each have 4 LEDs illuminated. The field LEDs will turn green. Step 5:  Turn off the laser and run your machine!

Download this helpful infographic for quick reference on the five alignment steps! 

Once your safety light curtain is aligned, the device can help increase productivity and shorten downtimes thanks to its extensive and innovative diagnostic options. Smart presence detection prevents unwanted switch offs as it differentiates between humans, material and debris. Using IO-Link, SICK safety light curtains communicate diagnostic data that can be used to quickly pinpoint and solve problems, regardless of an operator or maintenance personnel's location. Maintenance personnel can approach the situation with all the information provided by the diagnostic data and efficiently solve the problem, reducing downtime and saving money.

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