To avoid having to “taste test” your way through the grocery store aisle, packages come with a label to help you quickly and easily identify the product inside. But ensuring products are appropriately sealed and labeled requires an extra set of eyes. In this case, from a vision sensor.

In the high-speed packaging industry, the most common quality issues can easily be resolved with automated quality checks using vision-sensor technology. Vision sensors are specialized quality-control tools that combine a machine-vision camera with onboard intelligence optimized for optical-inspection tasks. Three of the most common tasks that use vision sensors include:

  • Missing caps, lids or open containers
  • Misapplied labels
  • Incorrect labels

When any of the above occurs, this can easily lead to production problems, unsatisfied customers and even contaminated products.

In the past, traditional smart cameras were used for these types of applications. However, intuitive software and specialized options are just a few of the reasons many packaging companies are turning to vision sensors to solve their applications.

Learn how vision sensors detect common defects by downloading the white paper “Easily Solve Common Quality Control Problems in Packaging with Vision Sensors.”

Vision sensors don't just ensure product quality, but they help lower costs and lead to faster setup.