Photo of Rick Bewley - Fishing in CanadaWhen distributors and customers have a specific request pertaining to SICK solutions, Rick Bewley has an answer.

Approaching his 13-year anniversary with SICK, Rick’s experience has made him a valuable customer resource as a Regional Distribution Sales Manager (RDSM). Covering Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and western Pennsylvania, Rick is on the road three to four days per week — on average — to join distributors on customer sales calls.

“I help manage the distribution side of the business and ensure that when the distributor needs a specific application or product question addressed, that I can connect them with the appropriate expert within the SICK organization,” said Rick.

Rick, who started out at SICK as a safety specialist, and then joined the OEM team before serving in his current role as an RDSM, has seen several changes and improvements throughout his years with SICK.

Rick not only embraces change, but also variety. One of the aspects of his job he most enjoys is the variety each day offers.

“I can see 10 different applications on 10 sales calls,” commented Rick. “I may be in an automotive plant one day and a pharmaceutical plant the next.”

A Formula for SuccessPhoto of Rick Bewley - Drag Racing

Although his territory has been adjusted on occasion, one of the most rewarding aspects of his job is hearing positive feedback from distributors.

Yet, once you understand a little more about his character, this comes as no surprise.

“I am completely honest with each person I interact with,” remarked Rick. “Over time, this creates a level of trust that helps lead to future business success.”

And, in many cases, this trust helps create the foundation for a type of familial relationship…in a matter of speaking. But Rick’s “SICK family,” as he refers to it, is just part of the equation.

Photo of the view from Lani in HawaiiThe Right Balance of Speed and Solitude

To Rick, family — whether it is a work or home family — is most important to him.

When asked about his personal life, it is evident that this is true. As he speaks about his wife of 12 years, two children and 2-year-old granddaughter (with another grandchild on the way), you can hear the pride in his voice.

And, if his family didn’t keep him busy enough, Rick, who resides in Indiana, enjoys an active lifestyle.

Certified as an auto mechanic just out of high school, Rick has maintained his love for cars by participating in drag racing events. Behind the wheel of a ’66 Nova, Rick can get up to speeds of 150 miles per hour.

He typically races a few times per year, including 3-day events in Indianapolis and Bristol, Tenn. And, he’s even been featured on the show Pinks: All Out.

But, when he’s in the mood for something a little slower paced, Rick heads north to Canada. At Women Lake Lodge in northern Ontario, Rick’s off-the-grid location gives him the ideal getaway for reeling in some prized Walleye.

Or, when Rick and his wife want a more luxurious escape, they can hop on a plane and head west…to Hawaii. With a property in Maui, they visit this paradise twice a year — with the palm trees and warm weather providing a nice contrast to the pines and sometimes unpredictable Indiana weather.