This guide applies only to the microScan3 safety laser scanner.  These instructions do not replace the product operating manual.  If you have another model of safety laser scanner from SICK, see our previous post for more information about the diagnostic logs

When lights are flashing on your microScan3 safety laser scanner or a code is output on the display, it is necessary to identify why this is occurring so appropriate actions can be taken.  But how can you quickly diagnose and troubleshoot these issues?

Fortunately, the microScan3 Core safety laser scanner from SICK includes two useful features to help you diagnose and resolve any concerns: diagnostic LEDs and an intuitive display.

Diagnostic LEDs

The microScan3 Core safety laser scanner features four diagnostic LEDs for initial diagnostics that are located .  See the chart below to see what each status LED means.

Number Function Color Meaning
1 OFF state Red Shines red when the OSSD pair is in the OFF state
2 ON state Green Shines green when the OSSD pair is in the ON state
3 Warning field Yellow Shines yellow if at least one warning field is interrupted
4 Restart
Yellow Flashes if restart interlock is configured with reset and the restart interlock has been triggered. The operator must press the reset pushbutton.

The OFF state and ON state LEDs can be found in multiple locations on the safety laser scanner. Three sets are arranged in pairs on the base of the optics cover. These LEDs can also be seen in many cases when it is not possible to see the display, e.g. due to the mounting situation or because it is hidden from the operator’s position.

Diagnostics Using the Display

The status display on the microScan3 Core supplies information about the status of the safety laser scanner, and for diagnostics and troubleshooting.  The display switches off after approx. 60 seconds if all fields are clear and no other notification is displayed.

Some tips for working with the status display:

  • If the display is switched off, press any pushbutton to activate the display.
  • Use the pushbuttons to learn more details about the displayed status information. The right and left arrows will give more details. The check button will open a menu prompt. The x button will back out or close opened views.
  • If there are a number of pages with detailed information, this is shown in the top right of the display
  • Press the arrow buttons to switch to another page with detailed information.

The chart below shows the meaning of each display:

Display | Meaning
status01feldfrei_originalAll fields clear, OSSD pair in ON state. The number at bottom right indicates the active monitoring case.
status021ossdaus_originalOSSD pair in OFF state.
status051ossdrucksetzen_originalProtective field is clear, reset can take place.
status07wiederanlaufverzogerung_originalProtective field is clear, configured time to restart expires.
status081warnfeld_originalWarning field interrupted (left column: number of interrupted warning fields, right column: number of warning fields in the current monitoring case).
status09fehler_originalFault. All safety outputs in the OFF state. [Display flashes]
status10averschmutzungswarnung_originalContamination warning. Check the optics cover for damage. Clean the optics cover. [Display flashes]
status10bverschmutzungsfehler_originalContamination fault. All safety outputs in the OFF state. Check the optics cover for damage. Clean the optics cover. [Display flashes]
status12referenzkontur_originalTamper protection. The safety laser scanner does not detect a contour in the set tolerance band. All safety outputs in the OFF state.
status15eingange_originalA valid input signal is not yet applied at the control inputs. All safety outputs in the OFF state.

After switching on, the safety laser scanner waits for a valid input signal. During this time, an invalid input signal does not result in a fault

status16keinekonfiguration_originalThe device is not configured. The device is in the as-delivered state or has been reset to factory settings. All safety outputs in the OFF state.
status17ruhezustand_originalPassive state. All safety outputs in the OFF state. Press any pushbutton to obtain more information.

If you need further help when diagnosing a scanner, contact SICK's Safety Help or visit the Safety Help Center page for additional service and support.

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