Bundled-Bottles_multiPac3Bundling bottles in shrink wrap is a popular method for packaging products of varying sizes, types, and quantities; however, the irregular shape and highly reflective shrink wrap material can be challenging for traditional retro-reflective devices to detect.

For example, an irregularly shaped bottle or highly reflective shrink-wrapped package can cause random deflections of transmitted light, missing the return lens and resulting in a “target absent” condition.  This leads to signal interruptions, which could result in mis-packaged and misdirected items or, even worse, the line could stop leading to costly unplanned downtime.

What is Dual Array Technology?

An alternative to traditional detection methods, dual-array technology—found in SICK’s W27 MultiPac photoelectric proximity sensor—uses two independent receiver arrays mounted on both sides of a high-power, red LED and unique evaluation software.   This combination ensures continuous detection when diffused light is misdirected from bundled surfaces such as bottles and other difficult targets.

Below are 3 reasons dual array technology beats traditional methods of detecting bundled bottle packages:

dual-array-technology1. Reliability

Using two redundant receiver arrays, this sensor is able to detect shiny, glossy or dark targets within its foreground without signal interruptions by reliably capturing the redirected light, regardless of the target’s reflectivity characteristics.

2. Versatility

The dual-array sensor can be implemented at virtually any stage in the beverage manufacturing process—initial bundling and wrapping, transport to a labeler and/or palletizer, and pallet packing.

However, the device is also well-suited for any product or process involving shrink-wrapping, or other materials with extremely high or low reflectivity characteristics. Processes involving products of varying sizes or irregular shapes can also benefit from the dual-array sensor’s many qualities.

3. Long-term Flexibility

With an adjustable sensing range of up to 500 mm, the technological capabilities of the MultiPac sensor provide manufacturers with the flexibility to adapt their machines to changing materials with little or no modification.

WhitePaperIconTo learn more about bundled bottle detection and dual array technology, download the white paper.