Inside SICK - Ger Kue, Line LeadProductivity Matters

The front-end production work that is completed at SICK’s Production Facility in Eagle Creek, Minn. is the result of several hardworking, customer-oriented individuals.

Jerry K. is one such person.

As a Line Lead at SICK, his efforts help simplify the setup process for field operators when they’re installing SICK’s products at customer sites. “This helps reduce the time it takes to get SICK products working in the field and impacts how quickly SICK’s customers are able get their lines running so they can meet the needs of their customers,” remarked Jerry.

Jerry plays a critical role by overseeing five people and two different lines. His responsibilities span a wide range of products, including the MSC800 modular system controller, the CLV690 barcode scanners, the VMD410 volume measurement system, the LMS 2D laser scanners and the RDT remote diagnostic tool.

The majority of the work involves installing cables onto a panel and programming the devices. Once installation and programming is complete, field operators receive the products and install them on the conveyor systems at customer sites. At that point, it’s basically plug and play for the field operators.

Jerry understands that the “behind-the-scenes” work that he and his team does makes a meaningful contribution to customer operations. “I feel like I make a difference and I help benefit and grow a company,” said Jerry.

Right on Schedule

To ensure products are completed on time, Jerry and his team follow a schedule that is determined based on sales orders. Generally, the schedule, which is set by internal Buyers and Planners, is two or three days ahead of the shipment date. 

To ensure his team is on track and that the products meet quality standards, an important part of Jerry’s role is overseeing his team’s work.

“As part of my responsibilities, I make sure my lines are doing the correct things and that work instructions are correct,” offered Jerry. “I also check work orders to ensure we’re stocked with the correct parts.”

When necessary, Jerry also double checks the work and does spot checks about every 30 minutes.

Outside of Work…

Changing gears from day to night isn’t too difficult for Jerry…especially since his evening activities often revolve around one of his passions: music.

DJ-Party-FlyerJerry, who used to be a DJ in high school, is reviving his interest by experimenting with hip hop and electronic music. Not only is he once again dabbling with DJing, but he’s also learning to produce music.

And as with most people who live in the Midwest, Jerry takes full advantage of the short, but beautiful Minnesota summers. Whether trying to reel in the next big catch or join in on a volleyball game, Jerry enjoys various outdoor activities.

After all, a little R&R is key for keeping up with the fast production pace during the workday!