Laser Measurement LMS5xx[message type=”simple” bg_color=”#ffffff” color=”#0084c2″]How to Transition from the LMS2XX Laser Measurement series to the LMS5XX series for Traffic Applications[/message]

Occasionally, SICK offers newer versions of its products with increased functionality, and phases out older versions. Following is a step-by-step video tutorial that explains how to upgrade from SICK's LMS2XX series laser measurement scanners to its newer model, the LMS5XX.

The videos are designed for traffic applications where the laser measurement scanners are mounted over the roadway

 The second video shows LMS SOPAS configuration for traffic applications:

Also included is a presentation that outlines how to configure the new scanner before it is installed: Laser Measurement Series Upgrade: Considerations for Traffic Applications

We hope that this information helps you initiate evolution planning of the installed LMS2XX systems that you currently have in place.

Please feel free to contact us for more support after you view the video. Our Application Engineers and your SICK Representative are ready to assist you.

For More Information

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