Rugged, intelligent sensors record, process, and transmit data with full reliability.

However, users do not experience true added value until this data can be used as a basis for improving business processes.

“Big data” has become a real issue for companies, particularly in the logistics sector where systems are requires to process millions of parcels every single day.  On the one hand, this data holds tremendous potential; on the other hand, however, companies face a huge challenge when it comes to find a way of processing the data in a manner which enables them to make informed decisions.

Monitor, Analyze, and Decide

Calling upon our extensive practical experience with automatic identification solutions, we were able to create the Package Analytics software in response to new requirements in the area of data recording and analysis.  This software allows users to retrieve and analyze information on system performance and the status of all recorded data with ease – from an individual parcel on the conveyor belt to an overview of the millions transported each day.

This provides operators with direct access to the key variables for the materials flow, making these figures easier to understand and control.  Thanks to this dynamic database solution, monitoring and analyzing data, and creating reports is a breeze.  Specified selection criteria can be used to filter through and analyze images or video of parcels.
Package Analytics Software

High Scalability and Remote Access

The Package Analytics software can record and visualize the bar code quality and read rate of an individual system.  Furthermore, the high-performance client/server platform can be used across several systems on a single site or even networked over multiple locations.  The service and support team offers exceptional availability without the hassle of a call-out – the SICK Meeting Point Router (MPR) provides sage and reliable remote access to the systems and plants listed on the Package Analytics software all over the world

Key Benefits of Package Analytics 

  • Improved operating times thanks to rapid notification and cause analysis
  • Simple image and data exchange for improved compliance with customer conformity requirements
  • Shorter response times thank to automatic notifications of “no reads” or other unusual incidents
  • Package status inspection to reduce liability claims and support cause analysis in the case of processing errors
  • Increase system performance thank to the exceptional visualization of system operation.