When customers want more advanced technical understanding of SICK’s natural gas solutions, Irvin Schwartzenburg steps in to provide the educational support they need.

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Irvin is a Business Development Manager in SICK’s Process Automation business – focusing on natural gas solutions. He focuses his time on educating new and prospective customers about SICK’s natural gas solutions, particularly SICK’s ultrasonic gas meters.   When a customer needs answers to more technical questions, Irvin is the guy to talk to, drawing on his 25 years of industry experience and technical expertise to provide the customer with the all the information they need.

Irvin interacts regularly with a wide range of customers—from local gas distributors to measurement staff to support technicians—helping them understand the technical details and benefits of SICK’s natural gas solutions.  Because he spends so much time with customers, Irvin also identifies new applications based on their needs.

You might see Irvin at an industry trade show, conference, or other customer event doing his favorite part of his job: talking to customers and helping them with the technology specific to their applications. “It’s a good feeling,” Irvin says, “helping customers out.”


Home and Family

When he’s not working with customers, Irvin enjoys spending his free time working on yard and house work.  The picture shows Irvin (right) and his son (left) having a little fun!

He’s also soon to be a grandfather and is looking forward to spoiling the kid to death!