New Risk Reduction Measures for Industrial Machinery Added to ANSI B11.19

Risk reduction measures for machine safeguarding should always be taken to achieve the safety of people working with industrial equipment. The latest version of the American National Standard ANSI B11.19 not only provides guidance regarding how to apply risk reduction measures once selected. It also includes nearly twenty new measures for reducing risk, which were not included in previous editions.

The B11.19 Standard was recently updated (previously updated in 2010) to provide more details on the application of risk assessment measures. In this new edition, several concepts of risk reduction have been reorganized into a systematic structure following the hierarchy of controls, also known as the three-step method.

With this recent update of the ANSI B11.19 Standard, we’d like to provide you an overview of how this new standard may affect your facility and what you can do to stay compliant. In this six part white paper series, each paper will highlight a different aspect of the newest edition of the standard. In this second white paper, we’ll discuss new risk reduction measures added to the latest ANSI B11.19 Standards.

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This white paper series is meant for guidance only and is accurate as of the time of publication. When implementing any safety measures, we recommend consulting a safety professional.