Featuring Nick Longworth, Senior Robotics Engineer with SICK

Automated bin picking provides a number of advantages to doing these tasks manually. Not only do vision-guided robots enable manufacturers to perform bin picking tasks faster and more accurately, they also additional benefits.

When using a vision-guided robot like SICK’s PLB for automated bin picking, many bin picking challenges are eliminated. In our video series, we discuss how SICK is contributing to the industrial robot revolution happening currently throughout the manufacturing industry. It addresses key challenges associated with automated bin picking and how you can more easily implement automated processes.

In this latest video, SICK’s robotics expert, Nick Longworth, addresses the surface algorithm for the PLB robot guidance system. The surface algorithm uses a CAD model as reference and locates parts by looking for surfaces. It works best with parts that have visible surfaces facing different directions. It scans the surface of objects, assigns parts to different classes, and localizes objects in a bin, regardless of shape or orientation. It also allows you to choose from a number of pick poses to have objects picked up in the best way possible to avoid collisions or damage. Which is why automated bin picking is a great solution to your bin picking needs.

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