How SICK can help you retrofit machines to meet the Hermes Standard

The Hermes Standard is a modern machine-to-machine communication protocol, tailor-made for PCB assembly lines. As a member of The Hermes Standard Initiative with an extensive track and trace portfolio, SICK has taken on the challenge of retrofitting machines to work with this new standard. With the SICK AppSpace SensorApp Hermes Standard Retrofit, you get a scalable solution for retrofitting machines with the SMEMA interface that will make your production fit for digital transformation.

Factory of the future sounds pretty cool, right? It also sounds like a complete overhaul with a lot of upgrades…but it may not be as intense as you think. With the new Hermes Standard and SICK’s AppSpace, you can retrofit SMT lines to keep your PCB operations up and running—and better than before.

What is the Hermes Standard?

Prior to the Hermes Standard, a modern machine-to-machine communication protocol, information didn’t actually pass from machine to machine. This required an ample amount of equipment on the line, as each machine had its own barcode reader to scan a PCB every time it moved to a new machine on the line. But with the Hermes Standard, information travels horizontally, improving overall board flow management and traceability through all stations of an SMT line; it also eliminates the need for a bar code reader at each machine.

Upgrading of SMEMA equipment made easy

But what if you already have a boatload of machinery with the SMEMA interface? And you don’t necessarily want to—or can’t afford to—upgrade all your machines? That’s where the SMEMA-Hermes Gateway comes into play.

A SICK gateway can be used to easily integrate a machine with a SMEMA interface into an SMT line within the Hermes Standard. The gateway communicates between machines to allow for smoother board-flow management throughout the manufacturing process. It can also communicate vertically into the architecture, such as the cloud or a controller. Essentially, it enables more effective data transfer between machines to enhance your manufacturing processes.

A snapshot of upgrading to Hermes with SICK:

  • Reduction of hardware on your line, which results in a reduction in investment costs
  • Retrofit kit includes bar code scanners, photoeyes, gateways, customized app, and cables for easy integration
  • Easy movement of data across a PCB manufacturing line
  • Integration and programming services available from SICK’s team of digital transformation experts
  • Facilitates communication between different machines from all different generations

Want to know more? Download our PDF for a first-hand look at integrating the Hermes Standard with SICK.