Customer turnaround time for products has changed over the years at SICK.

When Barb Beck started working at SICK 15 years ago, there were only 2.5 lines and 4 operators. Today at the North American production facility, there are more than 50 people and 12 production lines. Barb stays on top of it all.

Procuring Change

An important part of any manufacturing company, the role of buying and planning involves contacting raw material vendors, and negotiating the best prices. Also important is the ability to understand ever-changing production and inventory needs. That’s where Barb’s organizational skills come in. She manages the amount of inventory needed to produce products that SICK manufactures in the US. Based on customer forecasts and past order history, Barb is able to schedule production work and re-order raw materials as needed. She also makes sure that quality and material pricing is adhered to for customer satisfaction.

Expediting Customer Satisfaction

When customers need something fast, Barb reacts quickly to ensure expedited orders are put into the schedule and sent to the customer as soon as possible. She frequently communicates with the Customer Service team to ensure that we are able to make the deadlines that we’ve agreed upon with our customers. When products get an upgraded component such as a new circuit board, Barb ensures that Production can seamlessly incorporate the new part and not slow down the line. Customers receive an improved product on time – thanks to Barb and her co-workers.

Pets, Pots and Books

gardenIn her spare time, Barb enjoys reading murder, mysteries, suspense and sci-fi fantasy books.  She has also started experimenting with planting her own mixed flower pot gardens. And most importantly, she adopted two cats from a shelter named Star and Wisp. How cute!! Cats