Charting A New Course for the Future

It’s an exciting time for SICK as the company continues to merge, grow and adapt. What better place to set a new course for the future than at its annual sales meeting – the SICK Sales Launch. SICK recognizes and celebrates the contribution of its employees and their many successes throughout the year. For the first time, the Factory and Logistics Automation sales organization joined the Process Automation sales forces at this annual meeting. SICK remains customer-focused as it embraces this time of change and transition to a larger and stronger organization in the US.Untitled-15

Nearly 340 attendees from Canada, the US, Mexico, Brazil, Germany and the Czech Republic took part in the information-packed meetings in Hilton Head, South Carolina. There was a strong focus on the Industrial Internet, big data and how this is powered by sensor intelligence. Attendees heard a powerful example of the importance of sensor intelligence in real-world applications from a special guest – a ports industry customer who talked about the benefits he's seen first-hand.

Tee Times, Sharks & Star Trek 

Fun was had by all during the many team-building activities.  From a group golf outing… to a historic bike tour… to kayaking the beautiful waters off of the island, or fishing for sharks, attendees shared many laughs. Finally, an attention-getting opening session video spoof included a Star Trek® theme – with our very own executives in full uniform charting a new course for the future of SICK!

Take Away

The focus of the event was our customers, and learning new innovative ways that SICK solves customer sensor and big data problems across many industries every single day. There's nothing more important to all of us at SICK.