Here are the top posts from 2022, did you read them all?

The end of the year is quickly approaching, and we wanted to look back on the top blogs from 2022. This is a chance to make sure you were able to read the best of our blog! In addition, continue to check our blog weekly to discover new content.

1. Top Trends in Robotics for Electronics Manufacturing

Electronics manufacturing is projected to grow almost 12 percent in the next 5 years. This growth also demands an increasing need for flexible automation and improvements in production. One method of improvement is pairing intelligent sensor solutions with the implementation and use of robot arms. Experts from SICK and Mecademic Robotics discuss the upcoming trends in the industry of robotics and vision. They review user-friendly robots, high-mix-low-volume manufacturing, flexible and agile robot solutions, and vision solutions. Read the blog to learn more about the future of robotics for electronics manufacturing!

Top Trends in Robotics for Electronics Manufacturing

2. Five Steps to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is becoming an increasing need for all facilities as we continue to move through Industry 4.0. However, it can be hard to know where to start. SICK has a digital and consulting services team that will help provide solutions from start to finish. This blog outlines five steps to help you increase your productivity through data in a digital transformation. Check out the blog to see how you can transform your facility!

Five Steps to Digital Transformation

3. Introducing your Global Company of the Year in the IIoT Sensor Industry

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is providing many new opportunities in production and operations by enhancing processes and improving efficiency. As a participant in the IIoT, SICK was honored with the 2022 Global Industrial Internet of Things Sensor Company of the Year Award by Frost and Sullivan. This award recognizes market participants that embody visionary innovation, market-leading performance, and unmatched customer care. SICK embodies all these qualities and more, read the full post to learn about why SICK was chosen!

Introducing your Global Company of the Year in the IIoT Sensor Industry

 4. What is Green Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is continuing to become an environmentally-friendly alternative to meet energy needs. When it is produced with green energy, it is called “green hydrogen.” It has a neutral carbon footprint and can be used as a versatile fuel source. It is often added to natural gas, which changes the properties of the gas and the ability to measure via gas flow meters. To meet this measurement challenge, SICK’s FLOWSIC600-XT is able to reliably measure hydrogen up to 30 percent. Learn more about green hydrogen and SICK’s solution in the post!

What is Green Hydrogen?

5. What is Fenceless Safety?

Fenceless safety is an evolving concept in the mobile robot industry. We sat down with SICK’s Director of Market Product Management, Steve Aamodt, to learn more about that evolution and the future of fenceless safety. He discussed some of the challenges and solutions of fenceless safety, use of data, and motivations behind the evolution. Check out the post for the full discussion!

What is Fenceless Safety?