SICK has recently released an interactive Web Processing Solutions Guide to be used as a reference for common web processing applications. This document covers a number of solutions provided by SICK, including:

Machine Safety
The C4000 Select is an easy-to-install safety light curtain via laser alignment

Area Protection
The S300 Mini protects the area in front of the machine with an area scanner that has up to 16 field sets for applications that change depending on human/machine interaction

Integration of Safety Components
The Flexi Loop can output information about the safety network to monitor all the safety applications

Automatic Identification
The LECTOR, a vision-based bar code reader, can read a variety of different bar codes with simple integration through easy-to-use software

Edge Detection
The AT20 is a proximity style edge guide with analog output to determine the exact web location as it is traveling on the machine to keep within tolerances

Roll Diameter and Loop Control
The DT50, laser-based, and the UM30, ultrasonic-based, are two products that can be used to give real-time feedback concerning the amount of material left or the speed of the material being run through the machine with high accuracy

For more information concerning Web Processing Solutions, contact your local SICK representative or visit our website: www.sickusa.com

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