Electronics production involves a lot of small moving parts. In order to maintain high throughput, precision and accuracy are necessities for small parts bin picking tasks. But how do you accomplish this when human error can potentially enter the picture? With limitations on worker speed and overall precision, an alternative solution is needed to maintain a high level of production. This is when many electronics manufacturers turn to robotics solutions for small parts bin picking as the answer.

How to use Vision-guided Robots to Improve Throughput in Electronics Production

Robotic vision solutions enable manufacturers to more easily meet production demands while still meeting precision and accuracy requirements. And while some robotic vision solutions are costly and require significant manual labor to setup, SICK’s PLB robot guidance system is just the opposite.

Not only is it an incredibly accurate vision-guided robot, it’s also incredibly effective for small parts bin picking applications. With a system like this, you can eliminate the need for manual labor intensive bin picking tasks, accomplishing small parts bin picking tasks in a fraction of the time. Using 2D vision and the PLB software, SICK’s PLB vision system comes in many different variations suited for electronics and semiconductor production.