Flexibility and easy integration of fluid power sensors in hydraulic and pneumatic applications with IO-Link

IO-Link technology plays an important role in enabling simple integration into hydraulic and pneumatic system processes. With IO-Link, it is possible to set switch-on or switch-off delays, read-out temperatures, and count the switching cycles to optimize processes and improve value creation. With the ability to program via digital interfaces, IO-Link enables space-saving solutions in grippers or short-stroke cylinders without having to change the sensor position. This exceedingly intelligent technology makes fluid power sensor installation, replacement, and maintenance easy.

IO-Link is also the basis for quick and easy integration for fluid power sensors. SICK has a wide variety of sensors that work reliably in diverse mechanical engineering processes, providing additional functions for the machine controller.

Adaptable sensor integration within pneumatic applications

When dealing with pneumatic actuator engineering, technical components complicate sensor integration. SICK's magnetic cylinder sensors fit in all standard pneumatic actuators with C- and T-slots. Cylinder sensors can be seamlessly matched to the various slot tolerances to ensure proper fit making them perfect for a fluid power sensor application. Drop-in mounting offers significant holding force, screw-and-washer assembly, safe detection of switching points, sensors with two adjustable switching points, and universal mounting options.

Position sensors are also used in pneumatic actuators and detect piston position directly via IO-Link, providing quality monitoring and process control. These sensors are mounted externally on the cylinder, ensuring quick installation.

Complete measurement efficiency for fluid power systems

Smart fluid power sensors measure a system’s level, pressure, temperature, position, and flow. Applications range from machining and non-cutting machine tools like CNC machining centers to hydraulic presses. The PAC50, PBS and TBS pressure and temperature sensors offer maximum flexibility for evaluation and feature analog output signals.

For CNC machines, the list of parameters to be measured is endless: lubricant levels, locking positions, force, permissible operating temperatures, and more. Thanks to IO-Link, smart fluid sensors that are difficult to access can be configured easily via remote access with pressure values displayed on the HMI. Limit levels in the chip conveyor are safely detected using an LFV200 vibrating level switch and the LFP Cubic offers four switching points in one sensor.

This technology reduces mechanical complexity and overall sensor costs. All data comes from a single source, making sensor integration possible across all common interfaces.

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