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One of the biggest challenges in manufacturing plants and logistics centers is increasing the efficiency of processes.

Making a productive process involves knowing where the performance falls short. Using new technology, indoor localization identifies weak and strong points in the manufacturing process.

Indoor localization is the process of tracking an object, person, or equipment through a warehouse or logistics center. With coordinated sensors and analysis tools, large amounts of data can now be evaluated purposefully and fields of action can be displayed in factory and logistics processes. Indoor localization makes it possible to manage complex networks, create transparency, and ensure speedy production.

Important movements on the shop floor can be continuously followed by an indoor localization system. An asset’s space-time coordinates are recorded and stored by a special indoor GPS that follows the asset through the factory. The data is able to provide an unfiltered look into actual factory and logistics processes as the collected data is analyzed with powerful analytics tools to make connections between different events.


Bringing Factories into the Future with Indoor Localization

Localization technology is one of the key factors in achieving the type of networked production and logistics needed for Industry 4.0. Travel paths of AGVs and AGCs can be optimized and adapted dynamically with line guidance sensors. Material flow can be planned and controlled based on consumption measured by infrastructure sensors. LiDAR contour mapping creates an accurate map of the factory to visualize and define areas of interest. Depending on the specific application and requirements, the right technology is selected or various technologies are combined with each other to create a powerful, connected factory.

With localization data, everything can become fully automated. The data gathered by the localization technology allows companies to have a high level of understanding of all production-related assets, load carriers, and loading equipment. Making informed decisions based on this data boosts delivery quality and on-time delivery.

Unique Problems with Custom Solutions

SICK, Inc. takes another step toward Industry 4.0 by offering a new, comprehensive indoor localization portfolio. SICK is the first manufacturer to offer all technologies for individual customer applications, and can cover the entire solution scope from sensors to a cloud-hosted smart data service. The customer gets everything needed for smooth operation — from consultation to service-level agreement — from a single source.

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