Barba 1

Paul in Hong Kong

The last thing you want on a trip is lost luggage.

Fortunately, track and trace solutions like SICK’s Package Analytics software are making it a lot easier to find out where your luggage went missing and hopefully help you get it back sooner.

This is just one of the many cool applications that Paul Barba, a 10 year employee at SICK, loves to share about Package Analytics.   Paul is the Strategic Product Manager for the software, which launched globally late last year.

While a lot of what Paul does is big-picture, his favorite part of his job is the customer-facing side.  He says that working with the customers and asking how the software can be used to solve a problem is “the fun part” of his job.  The lost luggage example is just one recent success.

Getting Results for Customers

Another recent example Paul shared was finding a solution for a large pharmaceutical distributor.  For them, a single lost package can cost tens of thousands of dollars, so they needed to be able to track and trace packages and archive proof of shipments.

Paul worked with the customer to help customize the right solution to fit their needs.  Within a week, he said, the software paid for itself when a lost shipment was found using the advanced analytics.  Being able to get those results for a customer is always very rewarding.

A World Traveler

Now that Package Analytics has launched globally, a big part of Paul’s job will be to travel to SICK subsidiaries worldwide and provide training. He’ll be on the road a lot.

Barba 2

Paul and Mike with the Japan team.

Paul and one of his employees, Mike MacDonald just returned from a two week trip to SICK Japan and SICK Singapore.

One of the fun pluses was that along the way he was able to visit both of the countries where his two kids were adopted: China and the Philippines.

In his free time, Paul enjoys spending time with his family, including hanging out with his kids and participating in their activities.   Paul also enjoys playing golf and listening to music, especially Rock n Roll.