No Safety Issue is Too Large or Too Small

Nate Gose Mountain ClimbingAs a Safety Solutions Manager, Nate Gose works with customers, field personnel and sales people to solve customers’ safety problems. And, as more advanced automation solutions are implemented in industrial environments, Nate understands the importance of identifying and preventing any new safety risks as they emerge.

From small issues to very complex applications, Nate helps provide customers with solutions that meet their needs.

“My job focuses not only on recommending the appropriate safety products from SICK, but also identifying necessary components offered by other manufacturers,” commented Nate. “My main goal is to combine these products to provide a complete, often repeatable, solution to the customer.”

But Nate’s job doesn’t end once a safety solution has been implemented. He reaches out to customers on an on-going basis to inform them of new product and solution offerings from SICK or to help them in other areas of their facility.

“I view my relationship with customers as more of a partnership,” said Nate. “I’m very proud of the fact that I’m helping keep people safe so they can go home to their families at the end of the day.”

A Leader in Safety

Nate, who has worked at SICK since Oct. 2013, has discovered first-hand that SICK’s leadership in the world of safety stands up to its reputation.

“I have been extremely impressed with the longevity of SICK’s safety presence, their attention to detail and their customer service,” remarked Nate.

To ensure the safety of people, the personnel at SICK leverage their knowledge of safety standards and regulations when installing each solution. There are safety experts at SICK that serve on the regulatory standards committees and have in-depth knowledge to ensure SICK offers a complete safety solution to customers.

Mr. Safety at Work…and at Home?

While Nate helps ensure the safety of others in his professional life, his friends and family might consider him more of a cautious risk-taker outside of work.

Living in Colorado, Nate takes full advantage of the outdoors by stretching his physical limitations whenever he can.

Nate, who’s an avid mountain climber, focuses on three types of climbing:

  1. 14,000 ft peaks in Colorado
  2. High pointing, where the goal is to climb, hike or walk to the highest point in every state
  3. Glaciated and non-glaciated climbing

“Although I take some risks outside of work, I’m known as Mr. Safety amongst my friends,” said Nate. “I always ensure we have the proper gear and take the appropriate precautions.”

Considering his upbringing, it’s no wonder Nate welcomes new challenges and experiences. His mom, an archaeologist, and his dad, a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force, opened his eyes to a world of travel and adventure at a young age.

Today, he is doing the same with his own family. Although Nate’s 6-year-old son may not be climbing any mountain peaks yet, his family shares his love for the outdoors. Next time you’re on the slopes in Colorado, look for Nate and his family…you just might spot them skiing, snowboarding or outfitting others with the proper safety gear!