Reduce the need to continually redesign safety circuit boards with SICK’s Flexi Soft

As the electronics industry continually changes and expands, safety standards must also keep pace with the rapid growth. To maintain safety standards, electronics manufacturers use safety circuit boards. However, this poses a problem when changes are made to the regulations. Engineers and designers must modify the production process and redesign safety circuit boards in order to remain compliant.

There are three main challenges that are associated with safety circuit boards. The first is that configuration changes that are made to processes and machines result in changes to safety boards and controls. This requires extra cost, engineering time, and third-party certification. The next is that machines are constantly being integrated into larger plant level processes. These processes may or may not have a common safety platform. The last challenge is that there is a need to have staff who are experts in design or engineering, as well as in current safety standards. This includes keeping individuals up-to-date in safety training.

For all of these challenges, SICK can help. A modular safety system like SICK’s Flexi Soft products can provide manufacturers with the flexibility and scalability that is needed to remain compliant with changing safety regulations. With a system that is considered industry standard, you can easily make changes to your production process and still meet updated safety regulations.

On top of that, Flexi Soft provides a number of benefits to help keep your operations running smoothly and safety. This will ultimately save you time and money. The system is perfect for modular adaptation, intuitive configuration, and rapid verification. In addition, it solves a number of common pain points that electronics manufacturers tend to experience.

For the challenges that are met with safety circuit boards, Flexi Soft is the right choice. Read our Application Note to find out more how Flexi Soft can help you reduce the need to continually redesign your safety circuit boards.