The new FTMg multi-functional sensor from SICK provides leakage detection with accurate flow, pressure, and temperature measurement in one device

Energy efficiency and transparency are playing an increasingly important role in the manufacturing world. As energy costs continue to rise, the automation of industrial processes is also on the rise. With this continued automation comes the need to minimize energy consumption and increase production efficiency.

To assist with this, SICK has developed the FTMg, a multi-functional thermal flowmeter sensor for the detection of gas flow, temperature, and process pressure. With the measurement of compressed air and other non-corrosive gases, it reliably displays three parameters at once by measuring the flow, pressure, and temperature. In doing so, it saves you money through improved energy management with the reliable detection of leaks. This new flow sensor is also very lightweight and compact, making it ideal for installation in tight spaces.

Measuring Three Parameters with One Device

The FTMg, stands for Flow Thermal Meter for gases. With its small size and ability to measure three parameters with just one device, it provides noticeable savings in both installation and maintenance. It can measure flow, pressure, and temperature and display it all on the same device.

It detects non-corrosive gases (i.e., argon, helium, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen) and compressed air with an extremely high level of accuracy. Using the calorimetric measuring principle, it measures the cooling effect of the flowing gas on the heated measuring probe. The higher the flow velocity of the liquid, the higher the cooling effect of the heated probe. Two temperature sensors are in close contact with the gas, but are thermally insulated from each other to provide a measurement accuracy of ± 3% M.V. and ± 0.3% M.E.V. In addition, the flow sensor can also monitor high measurement dynamics and low pressure loss.

Accurate and Efficient Leakage Detection

All users with an energy management system in accordance with EN ISO 50001 can now observe their energy consumption and make it more transparent for optimization. The integrated data monitoring lasts for up to seven days to target and localize even the smallest leaks in pneumatic systems.

Measurement data can be quickly and accurately interpreted and displayed on the crystal-clear OLED color display. It displays several measured values, including an easy to interpret progress diagram. The simple operation also allows intuitive and simple parameterization during commissioning – another factor that saves time and money.

Interfaces to the PLC and the cloud

Whether on the computer, a mobile device, or through the controller – you are always immediately informed as to whether your system is working trouble-free or showing abnormalities. All measurement data can be transferred via IO-Link or with switching and analog signals.

The Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) sensor has an integrated web server that enables simple operation by computer and standard browser. The PoE sensor also provides the OPC UA and MQTT interfaces.

There are numerous benefits of the FTMg for various industries. Beyond the cost-savings benefits, you can also get more accurate detection of exact leakage locations and an overall low-cost operation. The constriction-free design of the FTMg is a guarantee for low pressure loss since it guarantees nearly loss-free flow of gases through the sensor. Want to learn more about the FTMg? Contact a SICK representative today at