See the possibilities with robot guidance systems from SICK

Manual part picking is an expensive, labor-intensive process. As a result, these task are now being replaced by robots. The implementation of automated material handling solutions helps to solve a number of challenges, including shorter production series, lower costs, and a need for increased flexibility. However, despite the distinct advantages provided by automated material handling solutions, the robots used to accomplish these tasks also come with a number of challenges.

The robots themselves are blind. In addition, many are not flexible enough to accommodate shifting automation production processes. As a result, a vision-guided robot system from SICK is the perfect solution for part localization applications.

“With the creation of many new technologies for the industrial automation industry, this is a very exciting time,” said Nick Longworth, SICK Senior Systems Application Engineering for Robot Guidance Systems. “Simple and repetitive tasks of lifting heavy parts from deep bins, conveyors, and racks has always been a primary source of long-term back injuries, accidents, and inefficiencies.”

Check out our robot guidance systems eBook to learn more about the available solutions from SICK, including:

Part Localization for Bin Picking

SICK’s PLB is a vision system that can be used for high precision localization of parts that are randomly oriented in bins and boxes. The vision system consists of a 3D camera, part localization software, and tools for easy integration. This easy-to-use solution makes it possible to quickly and efficiently configure new applications with CAD-based, 3D-shape matching part localization software, edge algorithms, and available plugins. Watch our video series to see its full capabilities.

Part Localization in Racks

With part handling directly from racks, a vision-based robot guidance system provides flexibility to make adjustments around inaccurately placed or damaged part racks, titled stacks on a pallet, part positions shifting during transport, or natural part manufacturing tolerances. SICK’s PLR system has a number of key features that provide reliable robot guidance to shorten cycle times and reduce costs. This system is ideal for the automotive production industry, primarily in automotive body production.

Part Localization on Conveyors

Robot guidance systems can also be used for conveyor-picking applications. The PLOC2D is a vision system for 2D part localization. It consists of high-quality image processing hardware and is equipped with an extremely high performance localization algorithm for reliable and fast part localization. The PLOC2D is the perfect choice for conveyor picking applications. It’s easily tailored to different parts and can be integrated into numerous robot brands and PLCs.

Download the Robot Guidance Systems eBook to see the full possibilities available at SICK for automated material handling.