A Resource and Servant to Customers

In regard to how he approaches his job, Kevin says, “It’s all about having the right attitude and being a resource and a servant to customers.”  The customer, he explains, is the reason we’re here.  So you always have to put the customer first, build trust by being open and upfront when issues arise, and be ready with solutions.

Kevin Horinek is an Account Executive in the retail distribution and material handling industries.  Based in Dallas, Texas, Kevin works directly with several important customer companies as their partner and resource for SICK solutions.

He travels regularly to client sites and has been to every state in the contiguous US for onsite visits, averaging 60 plane trips per year just for work-related travel.   In addition, a big part of Kevin’s job—in fact, his favorite part—is building longstanding relationships with customers that are based on trust.

“Make It Happen – I Trust You!”

Kevin also shares his advice for relating to customers: “Be a chameleon.”  In other words, every customer is different, so you have to get to know them, understand how to meet their unique needs, and present solutions in a manner tailored specifically for them.

And that’s what Kevin does.  Over his 17+ years of industry experience and a decade at SICK, Kevin has built long-lasting, trusting partnerships with his customers.  So much so that he remembers one customer telling him, “Make it happen – I trust you!”  It was the best compliment he’s ever received.   Kevin's great work with customers hasn’t gone unnoticed at SICK either – he has won the SICK Sales Excellence Award 3 times!

Construction, Hunting, and Autocross Racing

Kev2With the same care that he puts into developing relationships with his customers, Kevin also invests his time and energy into what he considers his top priority: providing and caring for his family, including his wife of 24 years and a daughter who just started college.

In his free time, Kevin enjoys working on building projects.  One major project was adding on to his vacation home in New Mexico, where he did almost all the work himself—including designing the space, laying the foundation, and doing all the wiring.
IMG_0808Kevin also enjoys hunting mule deer in the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming as well as high mountain fly fishing.  When he’s not working on building projects or enjoying the great outdoors, Kevin also works on restoring vehicles and just started autocross racing at his local Corvette club.   “I wasn’t last!” he says about his first race.