Jason2Jason Liedtke is an International Key Account Manager working with a large international customer in the consumer goods industry on their global safety requirements, code reading, and 3D vision needs. Since Jason is responsible for just one customer, he is able to provide them with his undivided attention. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Jason is currently supports his customer’s subsidiaries in 6 countries: Belgium, France, Italy, China, Germany, Brazil, and the United States.

Jason’s main focus is to help his customer strategically plan for the future by working with them to develop goals and objectives at the corporate level, and then to bring that strategy to subsidiaries worldwide for implementation.   It also works the other way around, where Jason also helps get information from the subsidiaries about what they need, and brings it back to the corporate level to help his customer better plan ahead.

Jason says this type of planning looks 3-5 years down the road to determine the products and solutions that will be needed in the future, even as those needs are continually evolving and changing. Jason’s job is to keep his customer “always on the cutting edge” with their technology. For example, one recent project Jason worked on was helping his customer transition to SICK’s newest CLV barcode scanner that allowed his customer to alleviate dead stock. Jason also provided on-site technical support and in-house training sessions.

Jason says part of the challenge of his job is the multinational aspect, since standards are very different from country to country. In order to keep tabs on everything, Jason relies on local SICK Account Managers in each of the different countries to keep him updated on rules, regulations, and standards. And that’s one of the things he loves best about working at SICK: everyone is willing to help. That adds up to even better service for his customer.

In Jason’s free time, he enjoys fishing, playing golf, and spending time with his wife and his 2 daughters, especially taking family vacations and chauffeuring his daughters to swimming lessons, piano, and dance.

He also enjoys participating in his church festival and fish fry, and he is a volunteer and committee member of the Knights of Columbus, a local charitable organization.