Increase safety and throughput in your logistics processes while still maintaining a high level of safety with the microScan3

The fast pace in production logistics is likely to continue for years to come, leading the industry to adapt by optimizing and streamlining processes. The demand for automation is rising with an increased focus on safe human-machine interaction. To solve these complex challenges, manufacturers and operators of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) systems require intelligent, compatible, and future-proof increased safety solutions.

SICK has been proactively addressing the trends in the logistics industry for some time now and is responding to the increasingly intelligent AGV systems by developing high performance safety technology. The microScan3 safety laser scanner is the result, offering variants for every requirement – large scanning ranges, smart integration into all industrial networks, and a multitude of intelligent functions.

Leading manufacturers of AGV systems are taking advantage not only of the ease of use of the device, but also its compact design, large scanning range, and variable number of safety fields. This enables them to construct fast, dynamically operating AGVs that can ensure increased safety even at high speeds and while cornering.

High availability and precise measurement data

All variants in the microScan3 product family offer the reliable safeHDDM® scanning technology that enables the creation of highly precise measurement data. This data is produced based on an optical time-of-flight measurement method with up to 88,000 multipulses per rotation, and with the help of intelligent filter algorithms. Even when exposed to sources of interference such as weld sparks, ambient light, or dust, the microScan3 maintains its availability and allows a continuously high level of productivity with no limitations in its safety function.

The microScan3 also fulfills less obvious requirements. It has a high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – a requirement that is becoming ever more important given the rising complexity of the AGV systems and the increasing number of electrical components used. Overall, the microScan3 meets all requirements on reliability and ruggedness which ensures trouble-free use around the clock. At the same time, it delivers highly precise measurement data that can be used to support the navigation of the AGV system.

Integration into industrial networks

Besides the universal I/O integration of the microScan3, the safety laser scanners can also be integrated directly into common industrial networks, such as PROFINET PROFIsafe, EtherNet/IP™ CIP Safety™, or EtherCAT® FSoE. SICK offers a comprehensive portfolio for manufacturers of AGV systems to select a suitable device for their specific network. Thanks to this integration, measurement and diagnostics data can be accessed easily and processed further in an intelligent manner.

Protective field range of nine meters for more speed and increased safety

The speed of the transport system is a vitally important factor for the productivity of the logistics process chain. In general, the higher the speeds of the AGV systems the higher the potential throughput in the process. The large protective field range of the microScan3 enables high vehicle speeds.

The AGV can see up to nine meters ahead of itself and safely come to a standstill if a hazard exists. The scanning angle of 275° provides 360 degrees all round protection when scanners are mounted on two diagonal corners of a vehicle. No additional sensors are required, which eliminates the associated installation and integration costs.

Perfectly adapted to each driving mode

All variants of the microScan3 feature a series of functions that provide more flexibility to the AGV manufacturer when changing driving modes. Up to eight simultaneous and 128 freely configurable protective fields enable the vehicle to adaptively adjust to the driving situation, the load conditions, and its environment more generally.

If an AGV reduces its speed from three to two meters per second, then the previously used protective field is too large. If a person far away steps into the path of the AGV, then it would stop even though no hazardous situation exists. The microScan3 makes it possible to optimally adapt the vehicle to the work environment and increase the productivity of the processes.

Easy to use Safety Designer configuration software

SICK places great importance on the user-friendliness of its configuration software. All variants of the microScan3 can be easily and conveniently configured using the “Safety Designer” configuration software. This software can not only be used to configure the safety laser scanner itself but also the Flexi Soft safety controller.

It is also possible to parameterize encoders. SICK's Safe EFI-pro system, a convenient all-in-one solution for protecting AGVs which together with the Flexi Soft safety controller provides additional Safe Motion functions, can also be configured in this manner. Users appreciate all these combined benefits. Software for multiple sensor and controller solutions that functions intuitively for all components in a safety system.

Combine productivity and safety with the sensor solutions from SICK

The industry-tailored microScan3 product family with its many individual functions is based on a precise knowledge of the specific applications as well as the anticipated ever-growing demands and complexity in the logistics sector.

With its broad solution portfolio, SICK offers manufacturers of AGV systems, system integrators, and plant operators numerous possibilities for combining productivity and safety in an efficient manner. That is why SICK, with a view to the future, is leading the way in making logistics processes even more effective and sustainable in the booming ecommerce sector.

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