How a retail chain used product dimension data to optimize storage space and improve operations

In an ever-changing supply chain market, retailers are faced with many challenges. With inventories and logistical demands becoming increasingly complex in the retail industry, it can feel impossible to determine the most effective way to optimize space in a warehouse. The biggest hurdle to this challenge is finding accurate product dimension data.

Now you can have better control of your shipping and receiving processes with SICK’s Master Data Analyzer (MDA). The MDA analyzes and obtains the master data (or dimensioning data) for all goods entering or leaving a facility and sends it to your warehouse management system.

Best of all, every department within a company has access to this data for each product so you can save on package material, optimize warehousing, and decrease transportation costs. Want to learn more about the MDA? Download our brochure for more information!

One retail chain used SICK’s MDA to solve this problem. Using the product dimension data supplied by the MDA, the company was able to optimize storage space and get accurate data sent to the warehouse management system.

Read our Case Study to learn more about how you can get accurate product data in seconds. Want more information about the MDA? Contact us now!