Per Jill Oertel – Infographic based on the Sensor Selection Guide for Pneumatic Cylinders

Magnetic Cylinder Sensors

Using magnetic cylinder sensors, you can detect pneumatic cylinder movements and determine the exact positional information. Using the right mounting technology, you can save save costs and increase productivity.

SICK uses two main types of mounting, which include t-slots and c-slots

T-Slot Sensors

T-slot sensors provide high response sensitivity, high switching point accuracy and flexible mounting options. Using a combination screw (slot and/or Allen screw), the sensor can be easily mounted.

C-Slot Sensors

Sensors designed for c-slots can be inserted from above — it couldn't be any easier!

Pneumatic Cylinders – The #1 Fear

The biggest fear expressed when choosing a magnetic cylinder sensor for an application is whether that sensor will fit into the slot.

Purchasing a sensor with all of the capabilities you need, but that doesn't meet size requirements costs time and money. Two things you can't waste.

So, how can you alleviate some of the confusion that comes with choosing a magnetic cylinder sensor? Easy…check out our selection guide below to help narrow down your choices.

Refer to Dropbox folder: Content>Cylinder Sensors>Sensor Selection Guide

Type of Selection Guide to choose the right sensor.

Include – sensor (MZT1, MZ2Q, etc), the cylinder type (round, dovetail, tie-rod, etc.) bore length (as a range) and t-slot and c-slot as the main categories.