_MG_1457Meet the Numbers Guy

Harry does a little bit of everything.  As the Oil and Gas Industry Marketing Manager, Harry is known as “the numbers guy.”   He is responsible for his group’s pricing policy, running numbers to make sure customers get a good price on oil and gas solutions, while also balancing profit margins.

In addition to numbers, Harry says another important aspect of his job is keeping key products in stock locally, particularly the FS600 Natural Gas Ultrasonic Meter.  This means customers can conveniently get products in North America instead of waiting for them to be shipped from Germany.   This benefits our customer by ensuring faster deliveries to meet growing needs.

It Started with Men’s Suits and Hot Dogs

Before joining the oil and gas industry, Harry got his start selling things: first men’s suits, and then hot dogs.   He didn’t like the long, odd hours of retail, so he switched to food service and found out the hours were even longer.  So he made the switch to oil and gas and hasn’t left!  And yes, the hours are just as long…  He loves his current job and the people he works with.  He says that even the long commute (an hour or so each way) is worth it!

Photographer, Woodworker, and Grandfather

Harry’s hobbies are just as varied as his jobs.   For one, he’s an avid photographer.  Starting in college, he took classes in photography and even had a darkroom in his parent’s house.  He also used to be a wedding photographer in the Houston area, which he loved doing.  See the gallery below for some of his work!

Harry says, “I never had a bridezilla, but sometimes the moms gave me a hard time.”   He can tell you stories!


Harry with his grandson who caught the 4 1/2 lb bass by himself!

Even though he doesn’t shoot weddings anymore, Harry still does photography for fun and helps out friends and coworkers with product shots.  He especially likes digital photography, although he says there’s “something special” about non-digital prints.   They’re a little softer, he says.

His artistic side doesn’t end with two-dimensional photos.  Harry is also a handy woodworker.  He’s made plenty of furniture for his house, including end tables, a kitchen table, and a booth for the kitchen.  Harry lives in Houston with his wife of 41 years, and his 2 kids and 4 grandkids are never too far away!