Building a Strong Customer Relationship

Helping solve a customer’s application challenges is a task that Eric Simmons takes great pride in. And, with his varied experience within SICK, his unique and valuable perspective adds a little extra to each customer interaction.

Eric, who began his career with SICK 10 years ago as an applications engineer and later became a product manager, is able to use his technical product knowledge in his current role as a Sales Engineer. His previous responsibilities, which often involved troubleshooting questions about SICK’s sensors and encoders, have helped him address specific questions during sales calls.

As a Sales Engineer, Eric is able to not only address specific inquires regarding sensors and encoders, but also about SICK’s entire product portfolio.

Honesty is Everything

Photo of Eric SimmonsOver the past two years in sales, Eric has learned that honesty is one of the biggest factors when approaching customers.

“I let customers know specifically what our products can and cannot do for them,” said Eric. “Being upfront with them helps establish a strong, trustworthy customer relationship from the beginning.”

Rather than inundating prospects and existing customers with constant calls and emails, Eric has learned to be respectful of his customers’ time.

“Rather than forcing the latest and greatest solution upon a customer, I’ll do some research and contact them only when I feel we have a solution that will help them solve a specific problem,” replied Eric.

And, even after a day of challenging cold calls or difficult troubleshooting tasks, Eric most appreciates the positive feedback from customers.

“More than anything else, it’s the reinforcement from customers that keeps me motivated, “stated Eric. “I appreciate hearing that I’m addressing their needs in the right way.”

Motivation and energy are key for managing sales, and are probably even more important for raising a four-year-old boy.

Giving Back

Eric-Simmon's-FamilyIn his free time, Eric enjoys spending time with his family. Through his son, whose middle name is “Io,” which is a moon of Jupiter, Eric has incorporated a bit of his earlier passion for astronomy.

Although Eric majored in mechanical engineering at Mankato State University, he originally dreamed of going into astronomy.

Today, however, he seems content entertaining customers and giving back to worthy causes.

If you meet Eric in person, you might notice his long hair. While you might assume he’s exhibiting some of his “wild side,” his long-haired intentions are a bit more altruistic. He’s currently preparing to donate his tresses to Locks of Love… for the third time!

If you see him, be sure to give him a pat on the back (or a tug of the hair!), for a job well done.