When Customer Service Goes Right

Photo of Eric GustinWorking in customer service, part of Eric Gustin's job is to consider the customers’ perspective. As a Key Account Administrator who works within the SICK encoders group as well as with distribution channels in Mexico, this is particularly important.

Fortunately, Eric's quick-thinking and cultural experiences enable him to effectively respond to customers whether they're 15 miles away in Minneapolis, or 1,500 miles away in Mexico.

On a daily basis, both distributors and customers can rest a little easier knowing that Eric is dedicated to ensuring their questions regarding price requests, product availability and pre-sales information are met in a timely manner. “Since joining SICK four years ago, I've noticed that customers and distributors are particularly appreciative if we can help expedite products when machines are down or other issues occur,” remarked Eric.

When an issue arises, he listens to the customer’s issue and tries to solve it the best way possible.

Helping Solve Customer Questions

As part of the Inside Sales queue, Eric takes about 20-30 calls per day and responds to dozens of e-mail requests.

As the inside sales contact for encoders, he assists with encoder part number setup, processes orders, and acts as a point person for key accounts. He is responsible for relaying customer questions to the appropriate person within SICK so that each customer question is quickly addressed.

But that’s just part of his job.

Eric also works closely with distributors in Mexico — mostly communicating in Spanish via email. “I feel distributors are especially appreciative to have a Spanish-speaking contact answer their questions,” said Eric. “It helps to build a closer relationship with them.”

Spanish Speaking Beginnings

While many students study Spanish in middle school and high school, not all of them become fluent like Eric. He started studying Spanish in the 7th grade and continued his studies through college. But his Spanish skills didn't just develop from classroom lessons, they also advanced through real-life immersion. Eric studied abroad in Spain during college and has since traveled to every Spanish-speaking country in Latin American except Cuba and Panama.

“I’ve always worked with companies that have allowed me to use my Spanish skills and interact with others on a global level,” added Eric. “It also allows me to travel to different events that I might not be able to otherwise.”

As a global company, Eric's Spanish speaking abilities are clearly an asset at SICK.

A Musical Gift

In addition to being bilingual, Eric is also a talented musician.

Eric-OrchestraOutside of work, Eric plays the trumpet in the Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra and composes electronic music. Eric began playing the trumpet in the third grade and played throughout high school. After a brief break, he picked it up again 10 years ago and has been playing with the orchestra ever since.

If you're lucky, you might be able to catch him at a show.