From picking up the phone to answer a customer question to picking up a new musical instrument, Dan Bruski, National Product Specialist at SICK, is known for his “can-do” attitude.

This attitude is essential because a big piece of Dan’s job is customer support.  Every day, Dan is on the front lines, answering customer and distributor questions about SICK’s distance sensors and ranging products.

Creative Problem Solver

distance-sensor-od-sickWhile the volume of questions he receives on a daily basis can be overwhelming at times, Dan is energized by engaging with customers and helping them creatively solve problems.  It helps, Dan adds, that SICK has “fun products, good products.”   He continues, “What makes answering customer concerns that much more enjoyable, is that when problems do come up, I know we can solve them.”

In addition to responding to customer questions, Dan is also an enthusiastic partner in customer and internal training.  After 14 years (and counting) at SICK, Dan knows a lot about a wide variety of SICK products.  So, if you need a training video, Dan is on it—in fact, he’s probably already filming and editing it himself!   (This may or may not be his favorite part of his job.)

Dan also regularly travels to customer sites to introduce and test new products, provide technical expertise, and learn how to help customers better by getting to know their needs “in real life.”

bruski-familyDad & Musician

When he’s not solving problems at work, Dan can be found spending time with his family—including his wife and four kids. He enjoys taking his boys to Cub Scouts and learning new skills with them, like archery, camping, and even proper flag folding techniques.

You might also find him playing any number of musical instruments as a supporting musician for Jane Plank.  While he’s been in all sorts of different bands over the years, he’s been playing his current gig for the past year.   A musician since 2nd grade, Dan enjoys playing the guitar, electric bass, drums, piano, and—most recently—the Cajon, a Latin percussion instrument in the shape of box.