Discover the future of track and trace technology for Tire Manufacturing at SICK

From cars to trucks to heavy-duty construction vehicles, a vehicle owner expects suitable and safe tires that exhibit ideal rolling, braking, and endurance characteristics at all speeds and temperatures. Because of the broad range of types of tires available, tire manufacturer’s product portfolio must be broad, but that results in many challenges in the production process.

Track & trace and identification solutions assist with keeping the complex tire manufacturing process running smoothly. Barcodes are the primary technology used to track tires throughout the manufacturing process. This is primarily due to the affordability, high read rates, and versatility. But that’s not the only solution available.

Ultra-high frequency (UHF) technology can be used instead of high frequency (HF) technology. HF technology, such as barcodes, are very powerful, but there can be limitations when managing a high quantity of inventory. Because of this, UHF technology with RFID can provide an extremely high read range. The tags are also more durable and survive the manufacturing process and road conditions once tires are in use. When accompanied with RFID technology from SICK, you will improve overall performance of your manufacturing processes.

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