This is Part 3 of our 70 Years of Innovation series on the History of SICK. If you missed them, check out Parts 1 and 2 first:

Part 1: The Early Years

Part 2: From International Company to Multinational Group

Future Prospects

For 70 years, the SICK name has stood for innovative products and solutions which set standards in the field of sensor technology all over the globe. Brilliant ideas and exceptional pioneering spirit have produced automation technology which has changed the world.

The work started by Dr. Erwin Sick in 1946 is being continued by over 7,500 employees all over the world as they embark on a new future with Industry 4.0.

With its products, SICK protects both people and the environment. SICK is helping to make processes more efficient and to preserve resources.

In 2004, SICK aligned its company slogan – “Sensor Intelligence.” – with the changes in the world of automation that were just starting to become evident at that time. Since then, this slogan has characterized SICK's commitment to technical intelligence, which extends far beyond sensor technology alone. Sensor intelligence has already become successfully established within the field of automation technology and is now a key part of Industry 4.0.

The possibility of using a multitude of data to produce and supply goods in a more efficient and flexible way, while also saving resources and achieving better quality, ultimately depends on the reliability of the data which forms the input of many process chains. This represents the fundamental starting point for complex systems to be able to make autonomous decisions. To put it in a nutshell: transparent data evaluation would be completely impossible without sensor technology.

Transparent data evaluation would be impossible without sensor technology.

70 years of SICK have produced 70 years of innovation in the field of sensor technology. With its new, intelligent sensors, SICK will keep setting standards in this field in the future and will promote the merits of useful technology as its remarkable success story continues. We can't wait to see what is in store for the future of SICK.