Simple, point-to-point communication technology that can greatly benefit your operations

So, what exactly is IO-Link and is it really as easy as it sounds? As the first standardized IO technology worldwide, IO-Link is a powerful technology that enables you to easily communicate with sensors and actuators. It tells you at any given time what your device is doing, how well it is performing, and alerts you of any issues immediately. It is future of automation and can help empower Industry 4.0 communication so you can have better access to all data in your operations.

Advantages of IO-Link

  • Simplified Installation – Standardized interfaces and cables result in 75% less wiring and overall support of modular machine concepts
  • Automated parameter setting – Enables fast and accurate changeovers for product-specific properties (e.g., size & distance, color & contrast, surface & glossiness)
  • Expanded diagnostics – Device-specific diagnostics down to the field device level

Devices Compatible with SICK and SICK Products Using IO-Link

SICK sensors use IO-Link to provide you all data from your processes in one location. IO-Link enables sensors to connect to PROFINET, EtherCat, EtherNet/IP, or USB. These sensors include:

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