Currently, more than 3,000 of SICK’s FLOWSIC600 (FS600) ultrasonic gas flowmeters (now referred to as the “Classic”) are in operation in North America. As technology continues to advance and SICK works to continuously improve product offerings, a successor to the FS600 was developed in 2016 – the FLOWSIC600-XT. And with the development of the XT meter, the Classic will be gradually phased out.

However, as SICK recognizes that pipeline operators have made sizable investments in the Classic, a solution has been developed to convert all Classic users to the XT environment without need for a full meter replacement and recalibration.

The FLOWSIC-XT Gateway Electronics solution has compatibility with an existing Classic body and transducer hardware. This enables operators to upgrade to their ultrasonic gas flow meter and XT environment electronics and gain additional features and technological benefits.

When you upgrade your ultrasonic gas flow meter, you’ll get greater measurement capabilities, flexibility, and enhanced I/O. To convert to the XT Environment via Gateway Electronics, contact your SICK representative.

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