Discover the top topics in 2020 on the SICK USA Blog

As we near the end of 2020, we wanted to highlight a few of our top rated blog posts for the year. Keep checking back to discover all of our new content on the blog!

1. Industrial Robot Revolution: A Video Series

Vision-guided robots enable manufacturers to automate processes that can be time consuming for a human worker to perform. By using vision technology, these robots gain “eyes,” which provides added flexibility in the production process. In this video series, we highlighted how SICK is contributing to the industrial robot revolution happening currently throughout the manufacturing industry.

Check out this four part video blog series featuring Nick Longworth, Senior Robotics Engineer with SICK, demonstrating the PLB robot guidance system in action!

2. Small RFID Reader for Accurate Detection of Small Automotive Parts

RFID is used in automotive production to detect tags on large parts, like car bodies. But what about smaller parts that go into auto production? Large RFID readers are challenging to fit in such tight spaces and are often not needed to detect such small objects. Read the blog post to see how SICK’s RFU61x can help.

3. TiM$10K Challenge: How to Use 2D LiDAR in 3D Applications

Every year, SICK hosts the TiM$10K Challenge. In this challenge, participants from universities across the country are supplied with a SICK LiDAR sensor and accessories. They are challenged to solve a problem, create a solution, and bring a new application that utilizes the SICK scanner in any industry. The third-place team from the Rochester Institute of Technology and developed a method of extending single beam LiDAR to full resolution.

Using 2D LiDAR with a Camera in 3D LiDAR Applications

4. ANSI B11.19 Safety Standard: A White Paper Series

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) provides national standards to achieve the safety of people working with industrial equipment. The ANSI B11 Standards series provides details on various aspects of machinery safety standards. The B11.19 Standard was recently updated (previously updated in 2010) to provide more details on the application of risk assessment measures. Check out our six part white paper series to learn all about how the updated standard may impact your operations.

An Inside Look at the Updated ANSI B11.19 Standard: Part 1

5. Practicing Physical Distancing

Much of 2020 was consumed with concerns surrounding COVID-19. With this, there was an urgent need for a solution that allows companies to accurately count people and monitor occupancy levels in facilities, both public and private. This solution enables you to count people without making contact. The PeopleCounter uses 3D LiDAR sensors and the SICK AppSpace ecosystem to easily maintain recommended occupancy levels in public spaces and manufacturing settings.

6. Your Newest Bartender: Toni the Robot

In a year of innovative robotic solutions, one of the most innovative solutions we've seen is the stainless-steel bartender from Italian robot maker company, MAKR SHAKR. The robot gripper arms are from KUKA, the intelligent safety concept for direct human-machine collaboration from SICK.